Borneo Heart in KL
Tamu Tanah & Air
@ the Godown

Yee I-Lann & Collaborators brings Borneo Heart to Kuala Lumpur with Tamu Tanah Air to usher in Malaysia’s 60th year!

Venue: The Godown KL

Saturday, 25 February 2023: 11am – 8pm
Sunday, 26 February 2023: 11am – 6pm

Tamu Tanah & Air is a Sabah-style market that will host communities, organisations, artists, and collectives from Borneo and the Peninsula to come together to exchange stories and ideas, celebrate creativity and share in tradition. The elements of land (Tanah) and water (Air) are adopted to promote discussions on environmental change and sustainability.

The tamu will host organisations, artists, and collectives from Borneo and the Peninsula for selling goods, exchanging stories, workshops, art presentations and more. Meet friends working in community-based projects, in green agricultural and hydro technologies, in different modes of art-making, learning and play, local literatures, music and poetry, artisanal produce, and sustainable living.

“Tanah” & “Air” = tanahair. Come join us on the mat!



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The Participants

From Borneo:
Arkitrek Camp, Borneo Bengkel (“Making Noise”), Borneo Laboratory and the Serumpun Project (film screening & talks), Henna Sapok, HUSH (“Uprooted”), Kadazan Dusun Language Foundation, KerbauWorks (BH Merch, Bajau Laut tepo mats, Kelarai Murut from Ulu Tomani Tenom, community weaves from Gang Kg Dangulad Didy, Johin, Lili & Siat, traditional Dusun brain-twisters by Chelsea), Magic Bamboo (contemporary weaves from Mama Julitah & daughters), KeTAMU (Wagas Dati & Flores Gam), Kota-K Art Gallery (Harold Egn Eswar & Puan Hajjah Pandian), Mami Ita: Tapai Maker, PACOS Trust, Pangrok Sulap & Light Up Borneo, Ruang Tamu Ekosistem (Pangrok + Kambai Records), TONIBUNG (TObpinai NIngkokoton koBUruon kampuNG), Tuni Sundatang, WAPO (Persatuan Wanita Pulau Omadal), Yee I-Lann

From Semenanjung:
Bundusan Books (but books from Borneo!), Dee May Tan (PLATES magazine), Gerimis (books, arts & crafts by Lena Maknoh), Free Tree Society (seedling planting workshop), Ground Control (compost!), artist collectives Lostgens, t.i.g.a. (Tindakan Gerak Asuh), Projek Rabak (presenting work by Dhan Illiani Yusof, Meir Hailer & Jack Malik, VIONA), The Ricecooker Archives (Joe Kidd!), forest researcher Teckwyn Lim, storytelling by Mark Teh, Shaq Koyok, visual scribe Tak-Tik Visual Solutions, The Zhongshan Building Community (Tandang Records, INKAA Studio, Bogus Merchandise, Poppy)

Anak Tamu:
Storytelling and creative workshops by Ammi Leong, Uncle NAI (Nor Azar Ishak) and My Poetry School, learn about art advocacy, different forms of energy and make a Hydroelectric Turbine with Atom & The Dot (& Pangrok Sulap!), learn Mandarin through Chinese Picture Books with Ms Au & Mr Ng, Anak Tamu tours, traditional games and other activities on the mat, kids reading corner and bookshop


Sunday, 26th February, 3.00pm to 5.30pm

“Before the colonial governments came, we used to be Serumpun.”

his was stated by Sujianto, the Ketua Kampong of Sekida Village in Jagoi Babang during our pan-Borneo research trip to visit the communities we work with.

“Serumpun” means a bundle of grass that shares the same root. In this project, “serumpun” helps us convey how knowledges, wisdom and material cultures in craft across the borders of Kalimantan, Sarawak and Sabah connect together as a wider ecosystem.

Workshops & Talks