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TALK | Shifting Grounds, New Horizons: Thinking and doing contemporary Southeast Asian art now.

Shifting Grounds, New Horizons: Thinking and doing contemporary Southeast Asian art now is a 2-day online symposium gathering key voices in the field of contemporary Southeast Asian art.

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REVIEW | Yee I-Lann: At the roof of the mouth, Silverlens New York

A review of the show in New York where ‘At the Roof of the Mouth’ by Yee I-Lann ran alongside ‘The Protectors’ by Martha Atienza – by Daniele Wu and published on 26th October 2022,

visit here: Martha Atienza’s and Yee I-Lann’s Decolonizing Projects

TALK | Brooklyn Rail’s discussion – featuring Atienza, I-Lann, and Jessamine Batario
published 27 September  2022

visit the page: Martha Atienza & Yee I-Lann: Silverlens New York

NOWNESS: Meet the artists by Art Basel: Yee I-Lann
published 18 March 2022

The Artists of 2021: Yee I-Lann
by Chloe Chu, ArtAsiaPacific
1 January 2022

Yee I-Lann: “Until We Hug Again”
review by Chloe Chu, ArtAsia Pacific
1 November 2021
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織墊演繹沙巴文化, Lion Rock Daily
28 September 2021
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桌子圖案象徵舊日父權意識 織墊呈現東南亞多元種族文化, Wen Wei Po online
25 Sept 2021

COBO Social
20 September 2021

Yee I-Lann’s First Hong Kong Solo Exhibition Brings Spirit of Resilience and Reconciliation by Caroline Ha Thuc

3 September 2021

荃灣南豐紗廠CHAT六廠2021夏季展覽開催!展出馬國藝術家于一蘭作品,以作品回應疫情+女性身份+地緣政治!以香港元素織出廣東話歌竹墊,必玩多個藍染工作坊, Good Life
1 September 2021荃灣南豐紗廠2021夏季展覽開催-展出馬國藝術家于一/

The World Begins with a “Borneo Heart” 
Art & Market, 26th July 2021 

Weaving with Yee I-Lann by Lim Sheau Yun at, link here:

Yee I-Lann on Relearning Differently in Borneo 
Ocula, 27th July 2021 

In Conversation with Renan Laru-an at, link here:

*btw, do check out I-Lann’s artist profile on the website:

News & Events

A new version of the sharing session from December last year – re-edited and enhanced with English subtitles. Do enjoy!

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‘Sharing Session: Sharing The Tikar’
Ipoh International Art Festival
17 December 2020

Weavers share their experiences collaborating on tikar.

Sharing The Tikar: Local Matters
A talk with Jim Amberson and Isa Lorenzo for Art Basel OVR Portals

19 June 2021

Yee I-Lann talks to Silverlens director Isa Lorenzo and collector Jim Amberson about her collaborative exhibition ‘Borneo Heart’, what it means to share a mat, expanding the linguistics of culture, and how art can change the world.

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Borneo Heart at Art Basel OVR Portals

Silverlens takes Borneo Heart to Art Basel through their first OVR Portals,
the first curator-led edition of Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms
16-19 June 2021

Satu kritikan tentang idea-idea kerja yang mendokong Tikar/Meja, sebahagian dari pameran Borneo Heart.

A critical look at the ideas behind Tikar/Meja, which is a part of the Borneo Heart exhibition.

baca disini / read it here:
Kenapa ‘Meja’ dan ‘Tikar’ perlu dimangsakan? (Why victimise ‘table’ and ‘mat’?)

‘Borneo Heart’: Exploding the “&”
June 16, 2021
Yee I-Lann
at Art Basel ‘OVR: Portals’

visit and read the interview at the website: Dialogues

Artist Walkthrough

During the course of the exhibition at SICC, Yee I-Lann did three artist walkthroughs every week; hosting visitors from various walks of life, regaling them with various aspects of her work.

Here’s a clip of one of the tours she did – video courtesy of Flanegan Bainon (Hinava Media).

Press, Discussions and Essays (Archive)

Flip the Tikar, Lift the Mat
Keynote address by Yee I-Lann at Doing Theory in Southeast Asia
A forum organised by Centre for Cultural Studies and MA in Intercultural Studies program, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 27-29 May 2021

Borneo Heart specially featured in The Star

25 May 2021 
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or read it on-line (paywall)

Borneo Heart – Weaving together stories, communities, and art. 

A zoom conference & talk organised by Borneo Bengkel, held live on Facebook, May 24th 2021

visit this link to see the video: link

do check out Borneo Bangkel: link


Borneo Heart featured on Artforum‘s critics’ picks.

undated post.
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‘Celebrate the other, not animosity: Sabahan Artist’
by Kan Yew Chong,
Daily Express, Sunday May 9 2021

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‘Yee I-Lann menganyam kehidupan rentas budaya dalam Borneo Heart’
oleh Dr. Baharuddin Mohd Arus
Utusan Borneo, 7 Mei 2021

read or download it here: link

Utusan Borneo May 7th Review

‘Yee I-Lann & Collaborators: Borneo Heart’
Live radio broadcast interview by Nera Kikibah for Kupi Kupi FM, 30th April 2021

Audio from Kupi Kupi FM’s Facebook page video stream
Duration: 86 minutes
Audio editing and remaster by KerbauWorks

‘Rolling Out the Tikar: A conversation with Yee I-Lann’
by Beverly Yong,
ArtAsiaPacific 117,
Mar/Apr 2020

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